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Welcome to TR Translations

We provide professional translation services to start ups and businesses that are tailored to your needs. We at TR Translations will work with you and find the right solution that matches your requirements.

We have vast experience, are professional and apply a reliable approach to your needs. Our team of specialist translators is there to help you. We have the expertise and capability to offer a full range of professional translation services. Explore our website, discover the diverse range of services we have to offer. Our niche is translation from Swedish to English and vice versa. However, our services are not only limited to these two languages but also to a broad range of other languages. Proof reading is carried out to ensure high quality control. Before commencement of the job, we gather information from you to understand your translation requirements. 


Our team is also happy to advise you on your professional requirements regarding Business Plans, how to secure loans and other documentation. 


The team, selected with regards to their specialist skills, is comprised of people with in depth knowledge of different industry terminology. We specialise in financial, legal and marketing translation. This ensures that we use the right target language for the purpose. 


We offer the right service, on time, and in a friendly format. Feedback is requested to assess the team's performance.


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